Hi, I’m Ashley and a stay at home mom to two fantastic children and a wonderful wife to a great husband.

My site is named for my children. Dylan, my youngest, loves cars and my daughter loves mermaids.

My whole family is from England and we are all very close. They taught me the importance of family.

I graduated UCF with my bachelors degree in elementary education. I never taught in the classroom because when I graduated there was a hiring freeze and by the time it lifted I was pregnant with my first child. I did work at a company called Learning RX that worked to improve your cognitive skills.

I wanted to start a blog because as my children are getting older they are saying funnier things each day. As the days are passing by I want to remember what they say.

I’m also trying to relax and enjoy the days by finding humor in the day.

I hope you enjoy my post and can laugh, cry, and be inspired.